For the bride-to-be or the birthday girl whose style is classy, elegant and a bit upscale, this Tiffany blue and diamond backdrop is the perfect theme. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they create a dazzling backdrop with a pop of sparkle for any event. We choose a blue and white tulle skirting surrounded by a diamond band to add softness and romance to the table. We absolutely loved creating this beautiful table with all the elements that pulled together a cohesive timeless Tiffany Blue theme.



Simple white pretzels drizzled with blue icing look so much more decadent when plated on a mirror and elevated with a sparkling diamond votive!



These beautiful Tiffany Blue cookies are creations of Melissa Jordan of Works of Wonder Bakery in Virgina and made just for us. They are “suspended in air” atop an acrylic sheet and interspersed with diamonds on the acrylic as well as below. This gives them the appearance of floating in air and adds height and elevation to the table scape.


A decorative framed message can add a personal touch to any tabletop. Placed between dainty rock candies and a lovely glass vase filled with marshmallows, this Tiffany blue frame gives the space a beautiful glow.


Cupcake toppers are a wonderful way to add details to a party. These heart and ring toppers give the dessert table a romantic feel and provide the perfect way to sweeten the day!