Our Team


Owner and Lead Stylist

Denise has lived in Rancho Santa Fe, CA for 16 years and has a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders. As she raised her three children, she discovered a joy and excitement in planning parties and events for her family and friends. In 2015, after celebrating a milestone birthday, she gravitated to the excitement and joy that parties bring as milestones are celebrated. She wanted to wake up daily in anticipation of being allowed to be a small part of creating a memory- a snapshot in time-for others. Spending her days using her creativity and talents while developing relationships with clients she could connect with, was something she desired. Repertoire of Events was born from this inward search for an outward goal of making a positive impact on others.




Editor and Writer

Brooke is currently an English major at Loyola Marymount University in her Senior year. She is a writer and an aspiring actress who has a passion for art, poetry, and design. She has an eclectic taste in literature and decor, loving styles such as Gothic, Romantic Victorian, and Steampunk.


Junior Associate

Lanie is a serious student who enjoys reading classic novels in her spare time. She is an accomplished writer and loves art. She has a keen eye for fashion, color and design. She focuses on Social Media, but has input in design elements and she provides innovative ideas for children and teen events. She doesn’t rest until her task is completed and she also has a passion for perfection that is unusual for one her age. In her free time (when not reading classics) she enjoys watching netflix, facetime chats with her BFF, and painting or drawing.



Chief of Security and Director of Happiness

Charlie is a two year old male poodle who is constantly ready to lend a paw in anyway he can. When deadlines are looming and stress begins to build, he is ready to break the tension with a game of catch, a snuggle on the lap, or a need to inspect things to make sure they are up to snuff (or is that up to sniff??). Charlie takes his responsibility as safety officer very seriously. He keeps the studio safe from unwanted and potentially dangerous characters. He is always on guard and alerts us when birds, postal deliveries or maintenance workers are on the premises. He specializes in garbage truck alerts, which he feels strongly could be potentially dangerous. We feel safe and much less stressed with Charlie on the job!